photo 2Hi there!  I’m Savanna Palm and this is my beautiful TaeKwonDo journey.  I’ve been training with Tiger-Rock Martial Arts for almost 5 years now, and am so blessed to be in such an amazing organization.  The support and friendship found within Tiger-Rock is unparalleled to any other organization out there.

Aside from TaeKwonDo, I am a lover of all things vintage and design. Blame it on my concentration in marketing, but I’m probably the only person in the world who goes to the movies specifically for the commercials— I’m rather disappointed when the film actually starts.  I am also known for my intense burger cravings.   When traveling, I don’t look at the shortest distance like most (^normal) people do, but at the routes that will get me to the tastiest hamburger joints in the town.   If it has a 50s Coke theme with diner booths, you know I’ve been there (or will be soon)!    Above all, I love being around people, going to the beach, and of course, martial arts.

When I am not training, I teach.    I teach TaeKwonDo to all ages, and through my teaching I’ve realized a few things.   One: martial arts is difficult to explain in one word, Two: everyone learns differently, and Third: sadly, bullying is a greater issue than what we make it to be.   Whether it’s experiences my students have gone through, or my own experiences, I think it’s important to spread positivity in light of these situations.   And not just spread positivity—-teach it.    Everyone is going through a battle, and sometimes all we need to hear is someone else telling us that it will be okay.    For this reason, I am very passionate and involved with one of our programs called Bully Know.


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