As a TaeKwonDo instructor, I am often asked: “Why participate in martial arts?”
For many students, that answer is realized after their first class; and for others, the answer is seen after years of training. The truth is martial arts can mean so many things. It can mean getting us into shape, or learning how to stay focused and increasing our discipline. It can even be about learning self-defense techniques. And for many, it is simply a great family-bonding experience.

Often we find the answer to the question, “Why martial arts?” not to be an answer; but instead, a challenge. The real question then becomes, “What do you want to see yourself do with martial arts?” and further, “What type of person do you want to become as a result of martial arts?”

Perhaps, you would like to see yourself as a little more confident, or maybe you’d like to work on your reaction time. Martial arts becomes more than a sport; it becomes a way of life. And once it is a way of life, it becomes our friend, our coach, our therapist, and sometimes, even our nemesis. Martial arts is what we need it to be. It’s there for you when you need it most, and it’s there for you when you least expect it to pull you through the most difficult of times. You make martial arts what you want it to be.

We, the instructors and fellow martial artists, help you get the most out of what you need from martial arts. Whether it’s to reach a specific goal, improve on your coordination, or even set a healthy standard for your family; we, like martial arts, will be there every step of the way.
What do you need martial arts to be for you?


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